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Why Your Website Needs a Theme

There are two types of theme to consider on a business website. The first is the style and layout of a template.  It’s not our topic here. The second is the main, universal idea in a story that people can … Continued

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Walk Away From Your Website Design

Here is a simple tip that will help you better judge your business’ website design project: Walk away and reflect. In her book Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, Colleen Stanley notes the first step in improving EI:  schedule downtime. This … Continued

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How to Create a Web Writing Workshop

Today, content creation is becoming so important for many brands that they need contributors from across the organization.  A structured writer’s workshop can help people develop ideas, get feedback from peers, and polish their writing through a clear editorial process.  … Continued

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A Website Design, Unnoticed

For lead-generation website designs, you want the message – not the design – to be noticed. When you get a website designed for your business, there is an important question to ask: Do you want visitors to notice the design? … Continued

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Awareness & Rationality

You’ve got a big idea.  A new product that’s going to engage people, draw them in, change the game.  The time is right, you’re sure, for you to sweep-in and grab some serious market share. You take the time to … Continued

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The Best Marketing

The best marketing isn’t advertising, it’s a well-designed and remarkable product – Seth Godin We are in a new era.  The way a business creates a brand, web markets, advertises, content markets, social media markets…whatever you want to call it, … Continued

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Contempt is a Customer Service Killer

Do you or your staff often speak of your customer base with contempt? If so, it’s time for an attitude adjustment.  Contempt is customer service killer. Contempt is known for being a harbinger of divorce.  Frustration and anger are one … Continued

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