Top Placement Ads®

85% of business leads click on the top 3 ads on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Use the #1 program to get on top.

Use the Top Placement Ads® program to get in the top 3 spots when potential leads search for a business on search engines like Google & Bing and generate more exclusive, low-cost leads.

Being on top is essential to growing your business.

With the rise of mobile search, 85% of business leads now come from the top 3 listings on Google & Bing. So being listed in these spots is hugely important. Every day you’re not on top, you’re losing sales! Problem is, getting your business listed on top isn’t free. The top 3 spots are paid placement. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re running ads for the most “lead producing” keywords, have the best ad copy and use the best landing pages. Top Placement Ads® is the #1 program for this and is a lead driving machine.

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Wow, it makes paid search easy.

With Top Placement Ads®, all the work’s done for you!

A dedicated Marketing Executive will manage and optimize your Top Placement Ads® program for you. Simply login to Marketing 360® at any time to monitor results. Or, call or email your Marketing Executive whenever you’d like. Spend as much or as little of your own time improving your paid search lead flow by leveraging the power of the Top Placement Ads® PPC software and the talents and time of your Marketing Executive who is a certified PPC expert for businesses.

Powerful paid search management software for businesses.

Run ads in the top 3 spots on Google, Bing and Yahoo with ease.

Run, manage and optimize Top Placement Ads® on Google, Bing and Yahoo from one platform. Login to Websites 360® at any time to monitor your ads. Get more exclusive leads by being listed where 85% of people look for a business... the top 3 spots!

Use the best lead generating keywords, ads & landing pages.

Get the most out of being listed at the top of search engines by using the best performing keywords, ads and landing pages when it comes to producing exclusive new business leads. All features are ready-to-go on day #1 with the Top Placement Ads® program.

Optimization algorithms get you more leads for less.

Save up to 100% on cost-per-click compared to industry average cost-per-click on Google Adwords! This helps your ads run longer and generate more leads for less cost. This also reduces your cost per lead which increases your profit margins!

Plans & Pricing

Stop paying for competitor clicks and fraudulent clicks.

No more paying for competitor clicks and fraudulent clicks on your ads! Without Ad Fraud Protection™, this can be costly and prevent your ads from running when real leads are looking for a business due to lack of budget. Get protection, get more leads.

Compare your visibility on top keywords vs. your competitors.

See where you stack up against competitors in regards to running time for your ads on top keywords. If a competitor is running longer and higher than you for a lead producing keyword you’ll know what you need to do to overtake them.

Intelligent reporting & analytics at your fingertips.

Get up-to-the-minute tracking & analytics on your paid search ads and compare the Top Placement Ads® program with other lead driving programs in seconds. Track key statistics such as Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility™ and more.

Case Study

See how Top Placement Ads® performed head-to-head compared to Google Adwords in this eye-opening recent case study.

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Paid Search That Pays-Off for the SMB Website

Consider the mobile device–the smartphone.  They’re everywhere.  People live on the things.  They talk to them–and the phone talks back.

Consider prospective customers for your small business.  They have an immediate need–for you.  How will they find you?  The Yellow Pages? (ya, right).  Remembering that radio ad?  That flyer you sent out? (that got tossed).

Or are they going to whip out that handy mobile device and do a quick search?  Check out a website or two, and make a call?

Do you want them calling your business?

Then you need Top Placement Ads®.  This PPC management system is perfect for small businesses.  We consistently get you in the top 3 positions at the lowest possible bid prices, so you get more exposure for less.  Our platform tracks Google and Bing in one place.  We provide easy to understand metrics on search traffic and conversions.

Responsive Website Design

All that mobile traffic won’t do any good if your website is impossible to navigate on the smartphone screen.

That’s why our SMB design templates are responsive websites.  This type of site responds to the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically sizes for that device.

Ease of navigation is critical.  Most viewers won’t hang around and try to figure out your site if it’s not responsive.  They’ll just go to a competitor’s site to get what they need.

Consider all the lead opportunities you’ll miss without Top Placement Ads® and a responsive, mobile friendly website.

Be where your prospects are looking for you.  You’ll find yourself on top–in more ways than one.

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